HackersWorld is a game on the WAX blockchain about virtual hacking where you must conquer your opponents through cracking into their virtual computer and turning them into a slave, or a computer infected that now will do your command. Be careful though, as others are looking to do the same to you!

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The game has 1 token (Bucks) and 5 types of NFTs:

Type Usage
Password cracker Used to break into other players and NPCs computers
Firewall Used to defend against other players password crackers
Spamvirus Used to infect players and NPCs computers and collect Bucks
Antivirus Used to clear viruses
Access Granted Pass Used to gain ingame bonuses and get whitelisted to Drops

This is not a simple clicker game, here you play against NPCs and other players also and you need to make your own unique tactics!

Upcoming Drop

Ransomware drop:
Due to incoming request, there will be a sale in both WAX and Bucks, both starting at 16:00 UTC and ending at 18:00 UTC.
Access Granted Pass NFT grants whitelist to the Whitelisted sales.

  Time Price Pcs
Whitelisted sale in Bucks October 14, UTC 16:00 - 18:00 500 Bucks 125
Whitelisted sale in WAX October 14, UTC 16:00 - 18:00 199 WAX 125
Public drop October 14, UTC 18:15 - October 15, UTC 18:15 269 WAX Leftover from 250

Details: Whitepaper

Whitelisted sale: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/91445


PHASE A ✔ Game development ✔ Whitepaper ✔ Website ✔ Social platforms ✔ 25 Free Pass Drop
PHASE B ✔ AH whitelisting ✔ Promo, collabs ✔ Access Granted Pass Drop ✔ Game Launch ✔ Pack Drops
PHASE C ◯ New viruses, new items DDOS against players Capture the Flag Virtual Private Server DAO


Open Whitepaper